25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Rose Cardamom Clarita Cookie DOZEN

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"Rose Cardamom Clarita" 

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Almond Cookie 

Organic • BEEgan • Gluten & Grain Free • Direct Trade • Locally & Regionally Sourced • Clean Ingredients • Handmade in Austin, TX

When the heart calls for a scrumptious opening, a Rose + Cardamom infused cookie is the right Love Potion. The loving essence of Rose is enhanced in this cookie by the Aphrodisiac, Cardamom, to create a Loving Delight that's both physically and emotionally felt. Highly prized for their synergy, Rose + Cardamom together are powerful Shakti filled plant allies that aid in re-engaging one's power to create, luminate, and harmonize with the energy of the divine Feminine. This Gluten Free delight is crafted in Love for Love, Injoy!
Perfect to pair with a Fine Wine, Chocolate, & Sensuous Massage!
Handcrafted with California Almonds & Central Texas Honey and ALL Organic Herbs right in Austin, TX!


About our CBD: We only source lab verified Full Spectrum CBD distillate grown organically in No-Till soil in Colorado for our products. All of our products are free of pesticides, herbicides, and any contaminants. We further lab verify our products for proper dosages by lot! Visit this page here to see all of our COAs!

All of our Honey Almond Cookies are:








Free of Added Sugar


Honey Rose Clarita Cookie Nutritional Facts:

Rose Cardamom Clarita Nutritional Label


What is our BUZZ?!

Welcome to our Honeyed Dimension, where Organic Hemp & Cannabis, HEros, Honey, and a dash of magic all alchemically come together in 1 brilliant CBD Honey Almond Cookie! Sourced from the Beekeeping Clan of the Gnome Tribe of here and afar, every OhmGnome Honey Almond Cookie is a regional taste of plant medicine made easily accessible for our buzzy lives! Each variety of cookie is crafted from organically and regionally sourced honey and Fair Trade or Wildcrafted Herbs, and each designed to unite snacks and herbalism in bliss. Now there’s a new reason to eat cookies!
Sourcing honey primarily 150mi of our Gnome Base, we are striving to highlight regional based plant medicines and makers. We aim to support and promote ethical beetending and harvesting of honey, Living & Ethical Wages for bee caretakers and food producers, and also all types of organic, local, and regional regenerative farming practices! When sourcing beyond our local foodshed, we support only Fair Trade and Organic Ingredients. Each Honey Almond cookie is a step towards personal, environmental, and economic wellness for all those involved!

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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