Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao Paste - Cacao Criollo

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Freshly Harvested. Heirloom. Ceremonial Grade. Happy Cacao!
Directly from the farms of the San Martin region of Peru, we present our best Cacao Criollo Nibs for your heart’s delight!
This is Cacao Criollo, an Heirloom variety of Cacao lovingly and consciously grown with Beyond Organic standards, hand selected for its pristine taste, nutrition, & quality, expertly fermented and sun dried, and then finally hand peeled by women in San Pedro de Cubaza, Peru.
 Sourced at 2x minimum Fair Trade value, every bean we purchase is regenerating our regional economy and encouraging Farmers to reconnect with the land to share the love it has to offer.
~ Small Batch Grown
~ Biodynamically Harvested & Maintained Trees
~ Perfectly fermented in handcrafted fermentation boxes
~ Dried in Indirect Sun to Preserve RAW Nutrients
~ Low Heat Roasted
~ Ground till paste  - NO PRESSING!
~ Purchased Direct either from San Martin based Farmer Owned Cooperatives at 2x Fair Trade minimums!
100% Pure RAW Cacao
~ No added sugars, No preservatives, No fillers ~
We recommend 1-3 full beans for a good pick me up, 4-8 for a strong dose, and a handful to not sleep.
5LBS+ | 15% OFF | $26/lb
30LBS+ | 60% OFF | $19/lb
1000LBS+ | Contact us for pricing!
Grown with love for your highest magical experience, this is OhmGnomes Happy Cacao!
🌴Happy Cacao grown on Happy Trees by Happy Farmers!🌴

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