Full Spectrum CBD & THC Honey Almond Cookies



Take me to the goodies!

Welcoming me Gnome!

Life is simply better after discovering OhmGnomes. Their rapé is great and comes in the cutest darn jars.  OhmGnomes has such a good vibe to them and their clear intentions may truly bee felt in each of their items. Thanks for welcoming me gnome!

Carter Lipnick

This is what Love looks like!

You cannot go wrong with anything in the shop. From the magical and creative hats and herbal medicines to the melt in your mouth candies, everything is fantastic. These amazing people are creating change in our community by making affordable products used from local or fair trade ingredients. This isn’t a business; this is a group of friends doing what they love and doing it extremely well!

Melanie Marie Mills

The link between the past and future!

The OhmGnomes embody the link between past and future: using traditional and magical ingredients, the OhmGnomes are ahead of their time in terms of sustainability and conscienciousness. Everything they offer is made with love and a kind, gentle spirit.

Beth Khan

Our Mission. Vision. Values.

At OhmGnomes, we are on a magical mission to inspire health and well-being in our  communities of both near and far through an eclectic rainbow of superfoods, textiles, and herbs that nourish the mind, body, and soul. Our quest is to make organic nutrient-rich food accessible to all, empowering all critters to make conscious and sustainable choices for a healthier lifestyle. With a touch of plant power and a sprinkle of gnome-inspired wisdom, we aim to turn people onto the transformative potential of plants, fostering a deeper connection with nature and promoting holistic wellness for a happier world.

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Services: Wholesale & White Label

Are you interested in sharing our Hemp Infused Cookies, Honey, and Tinctures alongside us? Join us for our WHOLESALE PROGRAM!

If you'd like your own SPECIAL white labeled product, please inquire below! We're more than excited to get you started in the word of Hemp Infused Foods!

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