WHAT IS CBD?: A Simple Guide

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a gentle psychoactive compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant family that is touted for its therapeutic effects, high-free(ish) experience, non-addictiveness, and natural derivation.

CBD is one of 100s of "phytocannabinoids", or natural compounds, found in the oily resin of Hemp & Cannabis flowers and leaves alongside THC (Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol), CBC (Cannabichromene), & CBN (Cannabinol).  

Unlike Delta-9 THC, the phytocannabinoid that causes the high that cannabis is famous for, CBD permits a user a relaxing present experience devoid of being "intoxicated" while feeling pleasantly gently altered and at physical peace.

CBD is a gentle way for new explorers of Cannabis to introduce this plant ally into their wellness routine.


Simply put, CBD provides a natural soothing body experience with some gentle soothing mental effects. Everything it does is still not 100% known!

CBD, or Cannabidiol, interacts with a special biological system called our Endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide various physical & mental therapeutic effects without the concern of getting "high".

By targeting the ECS, CBD + Our Bodies, together, are able to address key areas to soothe ailments relating to aches & pains, sleep & mood issues, and boost our overall long term wellness by activating the ECS. Taking CBD increases our body's own natural production of CBD and creates a long term nurturing relationship between plant and human! More is still to be learned!

What is certain: CBD, in conjunction with other cannabinoids, is a natural tool for those searching for a tried & true plant therapy that rejuvenates & invigorates the body, generally, without any negative side effects.

So go ahead & rejuvenate with one of our moist CBD Cookies, a tantalizing CBD Honey Tea, or a dash of CBD Tincture to start off your wellness journey on the right note with OhmGnomes CBD!

Cannabinoids Effects Chart
CBD Cookie Daily Calendar


Simply put: CBD affects everyone differently, sometimes day by day. Start small, once a day, take notes, adjust accordingly, keep taking it. Choose specific strain types.

CBD and Hemp products will affect everyone differently depending on SET & SETTING.

SET includes the composition of a user's ECS, physical state, and mindset going into an experience. SETTING is how and where a substance is consumed, the strain type, the presence of food or other substances in the body, and the ambiance.

Until you know how CBD, Hemp, & Cannabis affect you take note of your SET & SETTING and start small, once a day, and develop your own consistent relationship with this plant. Take notes, analyze how you feel, adjust accordingly. Make its use a daily ritual.

If larger doses are needed, start by adding another small dose 1-2 times more per day until the body acclimates. Increase overall consumption in a similar pattern.

If CBD makes you relaxed, use:
• Before bed
• After working out
• Before relaxing
• Before kids wake up

If CBD energizes you, use:
• First thing in the morning
• Before working out
• When going out
• Before creative projects

Certain varieties of CBD Hemp Flower have been bred to exhibit more of a classic "Sativa" or uplifted experience while others a more classic "Indica" or relaxed effect. Depending on intention and time of day, either varietal might affect a user differently. Ask your CBD source if they know what strain of Hemp they use in their products to best determine if that strain is right for you!


Simply put: CBD can be consumed through inhalables, edibles and other ingestibles, topicals, & suppositories - us Gnomes like edibles & inhalables.

Each unique choice of administration provides a different onset time, degree of absorption, & in some cases, more effective results depending on the need of a user.

You can find high CBD Hemp & Cannabis flower rolled into a joint, a CBD infused baked good, capsules, body creams, & suppositories.

Depending on what you're turning to CBD for edibles will most likely last the longest in the body, while inhalables, certain tinctures, and suppositories are the quickest acting. Topicals are best for localized use.

We invite you to explore which means of consumption best empowers your lifestyle & wellness choices and brings you the most relief.

OhmGnomes CBD Products
Hemp Flower


Simply put: CBD can be found as a powdered isolate, full or broad spectrum oil or powder, or as part of a Full Hemp or Cannabis Flower!

The difference in how much CBD there is in something is attributed to the final product & the percentage of CBD present therein.

Where a Full Flower is 100% in its natural form and has a wide range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, plant matter, & more making up the flower, the CBD percentage may barely reach up to 30%.

As a powderized isolate, CBD is furthest from its natural form and contains no other cannabinoids, terpenes, or traces of anything but CBD & is around 99% pure CBD.

In between these two options is a variety of Hemp Oil Extracts that can contain some spectrum of other cannabinoids, terpenes, & plant matter that can hover in the range of 50%-85%+ CBD.

There can be an entourage of other cannabinoids alongside CBD depending on the type of extract being used i.e. Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, & Isolate. 


Simply put: The percentage of CBD and other cannabinoids present in your extract is the big difference.

Naturally Hemp & Cannabis contain 100s of various phytocannabinoids and when undergoing extraction, various degrees of these compounds are concentrated into a final product. Per consumer interest, there are various extracts that contain just CBD while others contain an "Entourage" of cannabinoids in addition to CBD.

CBD Isolate is an ideal choice for a CBD consumer if they are concerned about testing positive for Delta-9 THC on drug tests, want no "high" whatsoever, or want to avoid any flavor/smell of Hemp or Cannabis. There is little reason in our opinion to use isolate otherwise. Isolate is always found as a powdered substance.

Broad Spectrum CBD Extract is an ideal choice for the consumer desiring an "entourage" of cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, CBN, & CBG) without THC. Other than to avoid testing positive for Delta-9 THC on a drug test, there is little reason to choose Broad Spectrum CBD extracts. Depending on the extraction method and final form i.e. powder or oil, one may find an extract with a range of flavonoids, fats, and terpenes naturally present in Hemp Extracts.

Full Spectrum CBD Extracts are the ideal choice for a CBD consumer wanting the full potency out of their CBD products. Utilizing a "full entourage" or complete profile of cannabinoids including THC, Full Spectrum CBD extracts synergize the various properties of all the cannabinoids to best support our Endocannabinoid System and overall vitality. The inclusion of THC is incredibly important to the overall efficacy of CBD, even if in minute amounts. Whether found as powder or oil, there can be extracts with a range of flavonoids, fats, and terpenes naturally present in Hemp Extracts.

Difference Full Broad Isolate
The Golden Ratio CBD:THC


Simply put: The golden ratio of THC to CBD for your specific need varies case by case, but some THC is better than none studies suggest!

Based on clinical data on THC-CBD interactions, the effects of combining the two compounds are not totally conclusive. Some studies however suggest that there exists something called the "Entourage Effect" where overall CBD may attenuate, or lessen, some effects of THC such as anxiety, cognitive deficits, and psychosis and potentiate others. [1] [2]

Ultimately it is challenging to correlate a specific ratio to ailment based on an analysis of clinical studies. Due to limited research in long term studies in humans on dosage, chronic use, and administration methods, along with other variables, the Golden Ratio of THC to CBD is for you to discover personally. 

What data consistently shows is:
• CBD and THC both have some form of neuroprotective properties [3]
• CBD does antagonize, or impeded, various negative side effects of THC
• Cannabis as a whole can help to alleviate various aspects of serious ailments like Cancer, Alzheimers, and Parkinson's
• Both CBD & THC have the potential to address aspects of anxiety disorders, movement disorders, neuropathic pain, epilepsy, and cancers as well as inflammation according to many studies. [3]

Generally the rule is: If you can consume THC, a 1:1 CBD to THC is the best ratio. An easy way to think about THC is as the driving force of the product you're consuming where CBD along with other cannabinoids, as an "Entourage", are the worker bees able to work themselves in deeper into your body to do their work thanks to the presence of THC; more THC creates more space for the other cannabinoids to do their magic. Use higher doses of both CBD and THC for more severe needs, and smaller doses for more acute issues - keep in mind overall "less is more" but use what's needed. CBD alone will have little effect for most users. [4]

Honestly, the best way to know if a special ratio is working for you is to speak with your healthcare professional, try out different ratios, track your Set & Setting, and adjust from there until full relief is found.


Simply put: Look for traces of CBG, CBN, CBC, and (maybe) Delta-8 THC to show a product is Full Spectrum.

CBG, CBN, CBC, & the very hyped Delta-8 THC are the most prevalent cannabinoids, besides CBD & Delta-9 THC, being studied scientifically and sold commercially in 2021. Below is a small breakdown of what some research has shown each interact with our ECS.

Current studies show that CBG (Cannabigerol) is the precursor to both CBD & THC and could positively impact both mind & body with neuroprotective properties, antagonize negative aspects of THC, and act as an anti-inflammatory aid and pain reliever. CBG is highly present in young plants that have yet to convert CBG into CBD and then to THC. [5] [2]

Current studies show that Delta-8 THC is a derivative of CBD and like Delta-9 THC has similar pain relieving, appetite stimulating, anti-inflammatory properties but without the intense and potent "high". Users are gifted with a less potent and "more clear" high from Delta-8 that alters them but does not entirely intoxicate like its close cousin. This compound is found in very small amounts in Hemp or Cannabis.

Current studies show that CBN (Cannabinol) increases in potency with the oxidation of Hemp & Cannabis flower and could possibly act as an anti-inflammatory aid, pain soother, anti-convulsant, cancer fighter, and sleep aid. CBN is found more prevalently in aged flower extract. [2]

Current studies show that CBC (Cannabichromene) could be helpful as an anti-inflammatory that inhibits pain, a gentle anti-depressant, and as a anti-fungal + anti-microbial. CBC is hardly present in Hemp & Cannabis flower, but increases in concentration within Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts. [2]

CBD Tincture Full Spectrum
Hemp Flower


Simply put: Hemp will alter you gently physically and somewhat mentally, and Cannabis will more potently affect a user mentally. 

Hemp is much more potent in CBD than traditional High THC Cannabis Flower which is high in Delta-9 THC. Where CBD targets ECS receptors more in the body, THC in this case targets receptors in the brain. By targeting the brain, the properties of THC can leave a user feeling "high", or altered in such a way that memory, motor skills, and sensory perception are noticeably affected. Hemp flower, rich in CBD, targets more of the body's receptors allowing for a deeply physically relaxing experience with trace accents of mental peace. 

A user will not find the same "high" from Hemp Flower that they would from Cannabis. Hemp flower mixed with Cannabis can provide a more balanced experience of both plants and begin to address certain negative side effects of too high a dose of THC by evening out the mental high and moving it into the body. There is certainly greater pain relief that will come from the use of THC rich Cannabis than CBD rich Hemp as the effect that leads to the "high" also imparts a more rich sense of physical relief as well.


Education is key! Educate yourself about the Variety of CBD Extracts available. Ask where your CBD comes from and how it was sustainably grown if possible.

If CBD "doesn't work" the first few times, ask these questions:
  1.) What type of CBD am I using?
  2.) Am I taking the right dosage?
  3.) Is this the right means of administration for my needs?

Not all CBD is of the same quality! Growing methods + extraction technique + material quality = the quality of a CBD product. Best to choose Organic, Clean Testing, Solventless, Full Flower, & Full Spectrum products if possible.

Ask for a Certificate of Analysis (or COA) to ensure proper potency and 0 presence of heavy metals, chemical residues, and other contaminants.

Buy from reputable sources with reviews and that are transparency forward. 

Be weary of fake CBD! Cold-pressed "Hemp Oil" is being sold as CBD oil. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING. Trolls…

CBD is not readily available everywhere & may not be legal in your state. Check with local laws to verify legal standing.

CBD Hemp Buying Tips
Hemp vs Cannabis


Thanks to modern techniques culled from the Cannabis Industry, Hemp Master Growers are producing hemp flower that strongly resembles Cannabis. From afar, a Medical Hemp plant very much resembles a Cannabis Plant, but the difference mostly lies in the percentages of THC & CBD in the plants.

Take a look for yourself, can you spot the difference?

[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals
[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals
[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals
[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Monk Fruit Snickerdoodle Honey Cookie

[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals
[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals

CBD Honey Almond Cookie Sampler - 12pc (Dozen)

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Golden Almond Cookies
25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Golden Almond Cookies
25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Golden Almond Cookies

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Golden Almond Cookies

2:1 50mg Delta-8 : 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Snickerdoodle Cookie
2:1 50mg Delta-8 : 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Snickerdoodle Cookie
2:1 50mg Delta-8 : 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Snickerdoodle Cookie

2:1 50mg Delta-8 : 25mg Full Spectrum CBD Honey Snickerdoodle Cookie

[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals
[Ethically Made Gran Free Full Spectrum CBD Products Online]-OhmGnomes Botanicals

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